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We have ASE Certified master technicians working on your vehicle. 

​What is ASE?

ASE, is short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Since 1972 our independent non-profit organization has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals.

What Does ASE Do?

ASE promotes excellence in automotive repair and service. over 300,000 Automotive Technician and Service Professionals hold ASE Certifications. ASE Certified Technicians work in every part of the automotive service industry. They certify the automotive technician and service professionals not the auto shops.

Why Does ASE Exist?

To protect the automotive service consumer, shop owner, and the automotive technician. They test and certify automotive professionals so that shop owners and service customers can better gauge a technicians level of expertise before contracting the technician’s services. They certify the automotive technician professional so they can offer tangible proof of their technical knowledge. ASE Certification testing means peace of mind for auto service managers, customers.

How Does ASE Certification Work?

In addition to passing an ASE Certification test, automotive technicians must have two years of on the job training or one year of on the job training and a two-year degree in automotive repair to qualify for certification.

The exams are not easy. Only two out of every three test-takers pass on their first attempt. To remain ASE certified professionals must be retest every five years to keep up with ever advancing automotive technology.

Who Writes The ASE Certification Tests?

ASE Certification tests are written in workshops by a national panel of seasoned automotive industry professionals and executives, including working technicians, automobile manufacturers, aftermarket manufacturers, and educators. Not by any single person at ASE.

Exams are segmented by sub-specialty such as automobile, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair, and more. There are 40-plus exams each designed to discern the automotive service technician’s knowledge of job-related skills.

​​​​Shuttle Service:

Being without transportation can be the biggest hassle of having your vehicle serviced.  Many of our customers have stated that it is difficult to arrange rides to and from our shop to drop off or pick up their vehicles.  For those that live and work here in Concord, we offer a free shuttle service to and from work. Or we will go to your place of employment or home, pick up your vehicle bring it to our shop and when we are finished drop the vehicle back off. For repairs that will take longer than a day, we also have a relationship with a local car rental agency that provides us with excellent rates.


We offer a 3yr/36,000 mile warranty on premium parts and labor.

Loyalty Program

Accomplished Auto also offers a loyalty program, called The Oil Change Key Tag Promotion. When you decide to come in and have an oil change we give you a tag to put on your key chain and put a hole punch through it. Each time you get an oil change you get another punch in your card. After four changes, we offer the fifth oil change free of charge. 

​Comprehensive maintenance reminders:  

We calculate and average customers' driving patterns and send you reminders when service is due through phone calls, emails, or texts.  This enables you to keep an accurate maintenance schedule for your vehicle that will increase its longevity and dependability and also allow you to budget for the cost of the service.

Financing Options

Accomplished Auto is always looking for new ways to improve on customer service.  Offering flexible payment options is just one more way to do that.

6 & 12 Month Deferred Interest Financing

Through our partnership with Synchrony Financial we can now offer you the Accomplished Auto/Car Care One Card. This give you the ability to finance your repairs or service with deferred interest up to 6 months or even 12 months if necessary. Purchases of $199.00 or more qualify for the 6 month program. Purchases over $750.00 or more qualify for the 12 month program. “Deferred Interest” means there is no interest applied to the balance as long as it’s paid in full by the time frame chosen. So, basically, it’s interest free as long as you pay the entire bill within the selected time frame. Another great feature is that with the Accomplished Auto/Care Care One Card you don’t tie up your regular, high interest, credit cards and can save this one just for your automotive needs. As with any credit card, approval is based off your credit score, and approval is instant, while you wait.

Accomplished Auto is constantly looking for new ways and ideas to meet everyone’s needs when it comes to servicing and maintaining your automobiles. Check back periodically for any new payment options that may become available.

We also accept these major credit cards: