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We keep a copy of all service records in our computer system.  We keep track of maintenance, repairs, recommended repairs and service, and State inspections.  

Our system allows us to look back over several years and see what services have been performed.  We keep these records for each of your vehicles, by vehicle, by date of service and by odometer readings.  We keep a digital record of alignments in case you have tire issues.

Our system lets our technicians enter notes on findings and recommendations.  Our technician can take photos of damaged or worn parts and post them to your repair record.

When we invite you to see our repair order, either by e-mail or text, you can click on the link and open the file.  You see the results of our courtesy check, diagnostic results, recommendations, technician notes and photos.  You can approve or deny recommended services using this feature.

In the near future, you will also be able to pay for your services with your credit card through this link,  giving you more freedom of choice  of times to pick up your vehicle.

We hope this new system will keep you informed as to the progress of repairs, items needing attention, and most of all leave you feeling good about our services!

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